Washer Repair

Washer Repair

The average life span of a new washing machine is eleven years. But consumer reports recommend that you should replace any appliance that is more than eight years old, and others suggest that top-loading washing machines that are older than 1999 should be replaced.

If you want to buy a new washing machine the best time of the year to do this is in and September and October. That is when the appliance manufacturers usually reveal their new lines, which means that the older models will usually go on sale during this time. Another great time for appliances buying is on the holidays –Labor Day in September, Veterans Day and Thanksgiving and Black Friday during November and also often on the Fourth of July.

6 Tips to Extend the Life of your Washing Machine:


Don’t Overload your Washing Machine

Overloading the washer can dramatically shorten the life span of the machine, because of greater weight on the mechanical parts. We all know how heavy wet clothes can become. This is a major cause of washer wear and tear.


Don’t Underload your Washer Either. Wash Full Loads

Less used, less wear and tear. Also, it will reduce your water and energy bills which will save money. It really is a very good idea to check the manufacturers’ specifications on how full to load your washing machine.


Use Detergent Wisely

Far too many people use way too much detergent, thinking that the clothes will wash cleaner when in reality this is not the case. All it does is settle into hard to reach crevices and promote mildew. Sticking to the manufacturer’s instructions, in this case, is always better.


Keep it Level

Washing machines that bounce and move around will also drastically reduce the lifespan of the washer due to the constant vibrations bouncing. It’s easy to adjust the feet to make sure that the machine is level.


Check Pockets

Coins, paperclips, keys, and other small items can damage or even destroy the washing machine drum or get stuck down the drain, preventing the machine from emptying efficiently or even at all.


Clean the Filters

Some washing machines also have lint filters. Check your machine and if you have one, you should clean it.