Stove / Cooktop / Oven Repair

Stove / Cooktop / Oven Repair

Electric ranges average about 13 years, and gas ranges tend to last about 15 years.

If you want to buy a new oven the best time of the year to do this is in and September and October. That is when the appliance manufacturers usually reveal their new lines, which means that the older models will usually go on sale during this time. Another great time for appliances buying is on the holidays –Labor Day in September, Veterans Day and Thanksgiving and Black Friday during November and also often on the Fourth of July.

8 Tips to make your Range Last Longer:


Keep it Clean!

Clean Up Cooktop Spills. Use elbow grease, not abrasives. Believe it or not, natural products like baking soda and vinegar will probably be more effective than chemical cleaners that can be abrasive and scratch surfaces. Always use a microfiber towel, never use scouring pads. The next spill will grip the scratches and be even harder to clean.


Look After your Smooth Cook Top

Remember that it’s made of glass, don’t fling cookware around, don’t drag pots and pans, lift them up and place them down again to avoid scratches. Only use baking soda and vinegar, or products specifically made for the glass top. Never use Windex or other glass cleaners.


Clean your Control Panel Carefully

Avoid spraying the cooking knobs or control panel directly or soaking it in water. You are essentially dousing an electrical system that could cause it to short out and is the source of many service calls!


Clean Under the hood

If your stove doesn’t have a sealed cooktop, remember to lift the cooktop to clean beneath it. Baking soda is famous breaking apart some of the bonds that hold the grease in place. For a bad build-up, use a baking soda paste.


Clean your Oven Frequently

A clean oven actually runs more efficiently, it will last longer and heat food more evenly, making for tastier food and fewer germs. Remove the grates and vacuum or wipe out any loose gunk. Spray your choice of cleaner and let it sit for at least 30 minutes before spraying the insides with vinegar and wiping everything away with a microfiber towel.


Clean the Oven Filters in your Range hood

Remove the filters first and remember to use gloves to avoid getting greasy! Submerge the filter in hot water and baking soda for 15 to 20 minutes. Then scrub the filter carefully with a firm brush. Rinse and return.


Don’t Put Foil on your Cooktop Drip Pans

The foil can not only short circuit the heating element, but it could melt, which can damage the oven and throw off the thermometer. If your drip pans are ruined, it’s fairly inexpensive to replace them. Electric coils should be cleaned with a damp cloth.


Replace Door Seals

Like the seals that keep the cold in the fridge, oven door seals keep the heat in the oven. When they get old and cracked and broken, they should be replaced. This will cause the heat to leak out, the oven will work less efficiently, food will be heated unevenly, not tasting as good as it should, the kitchen will get heated up and finally, it will cost you a lot more in electricity or gas.