Refrigerator Repair

Refrigerator Repair

Standard refrigerators last an average of fourteen years, and compact refrigerators have an average expectancy of eight years.

If you want to buy a new appliance the best time of the year to do this is in and September and October. That is when the appliance manufacturers usually reveal their new lines, which means that the older models will usually go on sale during this time. However, fridges are an exception, if you want to buy a new fridge the best time of the year to do this is in Spring. May is Maytag time!

8 Most Common Refrigerator Problems:


Water Leaking onto the Floor

One cause could be a blocked defrost drain.

A clogged or frozen water supply would also cause water to leak out onto the floor.


The Fridge is Cycling Too Often

A noisy fridge is not something that anyone likes, but it will also take a toll on your energy bill, costing you a lot of money. One cause could be a build-up of dust and dirt around the condenser coils. Another cause could be that your temperature is set too low. A good temperature to set the refrigerator on is about 40°F. However, the cause could either be a condenser fan motor or a thermostat sensor if fixing these two issues does not resolve the problem.


Fresh Food Compartment is Too Warm

Typically, this is an airflow problem. The most common reason would be that the diffuser duct is clogged with ice. This is preventing air from flowing through and is probably clogged because the refrigerator door was left open too long. However, if you can’t hear the evaporator fan running, or it’s making a noise, you probably need to replace the motor in the evaporator fan.


Ice on the Freezer Floor

This is most likely an issue of a blocked defrost drain. Unpack and store your food somewhere else and unplug and defrost the fridge. This should solve the problem.


Frost in the Ice Dispenser

This is usually a very easy problem to solve. The ice dispenser has a damper door that has a seal that could become dirty or broken which essentially means that the seal is not working well anymore. It’s probably simply a case of cleaning the seal or replacing the seal.


Overflowing Ice Maker

This could be due to a variety of issues, most of which are easy to fix. Mostly it’s a case of the water pressure being too low because the water pressure valve does not always fully close when the power is shut off. To fix this, make sure that the water pressure is at least 20 psi. If you have adequate water pressure, the valve is probably not shutting off completely, or it is stuck open causing water to leak which means that it needs replacing.


Frozen Food in the Refrigerator

This is probably due to a problem with the temperature control thermostat. To determine if it the thermostat, rotate it from the lowest setting to the highest setting, listening for a click. If you hear a click, it’s most likely not faulty, however, if you don’t hear a click, use a multimeter to test the thermostat for continuity and replace it if it’s faulty.


Water Dispenser is not Working

First, check that the water pressure is at 20 psi. Any lower and this is the cause of your problem. Second, check that the water inlet pipe is not frozen or blocked and simply either thaw it out or clean it. If the problem doesn’t lie with either of the above, it’s probably the water valve that won’t open and needs replacing.